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Hackers target another WordPress plugin flaw to install backdoors and create admin accounts


Have you noticed that your WordPress site has been hacked again recently? Have you found malware, trogans, mailers and rogue files in almost every folder? Yes you and 1000’s of other WordPress users I’m afraid, however my main concern is for the 1000’s of WordPress users who never do a malware scan or whose people and companies who don’t even realise that the ...

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Why Property Management companies and landlords are turning to eSignatures


Property Management companies have been around for many years managing rented property on behalf of private landlords and  figures seem to suggest that there are currently approximately two million private landlords in the UK some of which use a property management company and some who go it alone. During a recent online survey it was noted that one of the ...

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Why Fake Likes and Followers Are Not Such a Great Idea


Over the years we have worked with hundreds of companies from all over the country helping them to get noticed on social media, mainly Facebook and twitter, the goal of social media is to promote your business to potential customers and if done correctly can bring in new business and increase visitors to your website. There is however a growing ...

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Web Design Contracts, What you need to know


When purchasing a service such as web design it’s quite normal to be asked to sign a contract or agreement before work commences and for the most part a web design contract is put in place to protect both the consumer and the web designer but there are a growing number of dodgy web design agencies using one sided contracts ...

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