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Even the Advertising Playing Field With Vehicle Advertising, Wraps and Branding

As more Wrapped Vehicles are seen seen driving around busy Northern Powerhouse cities such as Manchester, Bolton, Stockport, Rochdale, Oldham Altrincham etc we take a look at the growing Manchester Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Industry as a whole and how it’s helping local businesses get ahead in the cut throat advertising industry.

Advertising a business or product can be traced right back to ancient civilizations and in fact became a major force in capitalist economies in the mid-19th century, based primarily on newspapers and magazines although posters became very big towards the end of the 18th century especially in large industrialised cities such as London and Manchester. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and advertising is still a big, if not the biggest part of running a successful business.

Without advertising many businesses will fail within the first 12 months although some businesses will fail anyway even with advertising if they have targeted the wrong market or used the wrong advertising medium.

Many companies simply set aside an advertising budget thinking that as long as they are spending money they’ll do alright. Wrong, there are many advertising mediums around nowadays that simply belong in museums yet companies and individuals still spend money on them, money they can ill afford to waste and money that could be spent on something better and more profitable.

The Fall of Newspaper and Directory Advertising

Whilst popular throughout the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s Newspaper and Directory Advertising simply no longer reaches a wide enough audience, I mean when was the last time you reached for the Yellow Pages or other once popular local business directory when you needed a plumber, electrician or accountant? You simple reached for your phone instead and searched the internet.  Yet these once successful now struggling companies still employ teams of salesmen whose job it is to ring small businesses and convince them that advertising in their publications is the right thing to do.

Yellow Pages telephone directories

Yellow Pages Finally calls it at a day after admitting “nobody uses it”.

Then there are the free independent local booklets that became popular in the mid 1990’s when due to modern digital printing techniques printing becoming very affordable so each town launched their own local directory full of adverts but with very little interesting content. But just like the large commercial directories such as the Yellow Pages, Thomson Local and the Phone Book these adverts reached nobody, why? Because nobody reads them, people use the internet of course.

The Rise of Online Advertising

Internet Advertising become popular in the mid 2000’s when the internet was getting more popular, more people where using it and more businesses where starting to set up websites, even today it is one on the most cost effective forms of advertising around, I won’t deny this.

Local Trusted Only Advertises One Company Per Area Making Them a Popular Choice With Both Businesses and Customers

Local Trusted Only Advertises One Company Per Area Making Them a Popular Choice With Both Businesses and Customers

Whether you are adverting via your own website or using advertising tools such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads you are of course certain to reach more people than any form of newspaper or directory advertising.

But even with it’s popularity, and it’s relatively cheap cost, internet advertising may not be right for your business. Back in the 2000’s setting up a website meant that people found you, however today you are competing with literally 1000’s of other businesses and if you don’t have the advertising budget to compete for those top 5  Google results then internet advertising is going to be a big let down.

Vehicle Wraps and Advertising Campaigns

Do you want to reach a bigger audience? Do you want to expand your business and reach people 24 hours a day whether they are looking for your business or services of not?



Then vehicle advertising may be for you. With the internet people tend to go looking for the products or services when they need them and unfortunately these days it’s the companies with the most money that can afford to dominate the search results and pay to get their ads shown more often than small businesses with tighter budgets.

With vehicle advertising it’s a different story, a more level playing field. Having your business advertise on a taxi for example that is driving around all day and night will reach thousands of people and your advertisement will be seen just as often as a rival companies with a much higher advertising budget.

What you basically have is a vehicle acting as a mobile billboard that will leave a long lasting impression on all members of the public remembering your brand, service or product.

Unlike online advertising you don’t get so many impressions and then have to pump more money into your adverts, once a vehicle, whether it’s a Taxi or Bus, is wrapped with your advertisement it’s out there and being seen 24 hours a day all over the city.

Visit Universal Signage to find out more about this advertising revolution and what steps you need to take to get your business, service or product seen by the masses





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