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Why Fake Likes and Followers Are Not Such a Great Idea

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of companies from all over the country helping them to get noticed on social media, mainly Facebook and twitter, the goal of social media is to promote your business to potential customers and if done correctly can bring in new business and increase visitors to your website.

There is however a growing trend of adding ‘fake’ followers and likes to your profiles to make you and your business appear more popular than it is, but does this benefit you at all?

Well, not only doesn’t it benefit you but as these fake likes and followers are very easy to spot it can make your company look extremely dodgy and untrustworthy, as if you are trying to trick your customers.

We see many laughable twitter accounts where small local companies have more followers than the number of total residents of the town or city that they are based in, this is running joke in the internet marketing world and a small, local window company in East London even made it onto the TV show “Dave Gorman – Modern Life is Goodish” when they had more followers than British Gas. There’s a ‘newly launched’ web design company in Leigh who’s twitter account boasts 11k followers, yet the account is 2 months old and they have made 8 tweets, guys, it just looks silly! Your’e a new compnay, embrace this…

If you launch a new business or new online business then advertise the fact that you are a new business and be proud of this, don’t add thousands of fake follows and fake likes to your Twitter and Facebook profiles to appear that you are not so new, why be ashamed of being new?

Now we have been operating in Leigh for over 16 years have a few hundred genuine twitter followers and a few hundred Facebook fans, we don’t expect 1000’s we are local and when you consider the population of Leigh then deduct the children, the elderly and the general public not interested one bit in web design you’ll find that our numbers are what you would expect for a company like ours who is active on social media, in fact they are very good.

This practice also gives a false representation of how successful your online marketing efforts are and you never really know how successful your business actually is, so simply be honest.

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