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Finding a Professional Full Service Locksmith in Cheshire and Greater Manchester

The locksmith industry in the North West is growing year on year, at one time there where only a handful of locksmiths per area nowadays there seem to be dozens of locksmiths touting for business all over Cheshire including in Macclesfield, Congleton, Crew etc  but are all locksmiths created equal and does every locksmith in the country offer a inclusive service or do some locksmiths offer one service whilst you need to go to another locksmith for another service?

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First off there are two types of locksmiths, the fully trained, qualified locksmith and the part-time have a go locksmith, the later has simply bought some gear off Amazon or Ebay and watched a few Youtube videos, this happens since the locksmith industry has no regulation and essentially anyone can become a locksmith unlike electricians and gas fitters who must be regulated and operate within the law.

If you are unlucky enough to call on the services of a part-time locksmith they’ll probably end up doing a lot of damage making calling out a locksmith because you have locked your keys in your home, office or vehicle false economy.

A competently trained and vetted locksmith has undertaken official training by a legitimate accredited locksmith training college, will generally be CRB checked and will be skilled enough to cause little or no damage to you doors or lock when gaining entry to you vehicle or property.

The amateur, inexperienced locksmith will usually advertise in the old fashioned way by placing ads in newspapers, in local shop windows or on supermarket notice boards, they do this because they are in fact after a certain type of customer, a customer who would not look into then too much before booking them and they even after a bad job won’t know how to post online reviews and negative feedback, although in recent years due to the rise in the number of locksmith call centres these amateur locksmiths have found another avenue to tout their business.

A locksmith call centre is basically what it sounds like,  a call centre that operates all over the country, you ring them up and they send out a locksmith, however, they don’t employ any locksmiths and simply send an independent locksmith from their books. This is ideal for the unskilled amateur and the call centre has no issue sending unskilled engineers because their pricing structure boarders on fraudulent anyway.

The best thing anyone can do is to call on the services of a genuine skilled, fully trained, independent locksmith which are easy to find. A professional locksmith will have his own website, social media pages and a google business account with genuine reviews, whereas the have a go amateurs will have none of these and just really on dated advertising and national call centres.

However, not all locksmiths offer all the services that you would expect them too offer. Not every locksmith offers genuine 24 hour emergency call-out instead choosing to operate between 6am and 6pm, these type of locksmith generally really on warrant work provided by the police and the courts and not every locksmith works with vehicles because vehicle locks and keys are totally different to the locks and keys from standard doors so the locksmith must undertake additional training. So when search online for a locksmiths it’s better to search for exactly what you want, if you want an auto locksmith, search for an auto locksmith, if you want an emergency call out locksmith then search for a 24 hour emergency locksmith.

If you want to know what a genuine professional locksmith’s website should look like visit easykeyslocksmiths.co.uk  Easy Keys locksmiths are based near Macclesfield are a fully trained, vetted and CRB checked with many years experience

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