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Why is Fly Tipping Such a Big Problem In Northern Britain

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Fly tipping, which is basically the illegal dumping of household or trade waste on public or private land without the permission of the land owner or local authority is very common in rural areas, due to the high number of unmonitored fields and woods available to leave this unwanted rubbish, but there’s also a growing problem with fly tipping in large Northern Cities such a Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds where fly tippers will simple drive down a back alleyway and ‘tip’ their load with no regard for the area or the residents who live there.

The introduction of gated alleys in northern cities such as Liverpool and Manchester has reduced these figures a little but because the number of fly tipping offences have been growing year on year since around 2002 this is still a massive problem especially around the northern counties of Merseyside and Greater Manchester

The tipping of both household and industrial waste in places they simple don’t belong can have an enormous impact on the natural, social and economic environment. Potent chemicals found in some trade waste can contaminate soil and woodlands and if the land is owned by someone whose business and livelihood depends entirely on good soil conditions, fly tipping can have a disastrous effect on their livelihood and in inner cities it’s not only an eyesore but can attract rats which carry diseases .

Both domesticated pets and wild animals can also suffer health problems due to irresponsible fly tipping, whether it is on farmland or in rural areas causing a real impact on both residents and local wildlife.

So why is fly tipping on the increase in the north of England and what can be done to reduce it or even stop in all together?

Recent investigations by popular television shows such as the BBC’s Watchdog and ITV’s Granada Reports have discovered that there are a high number of individuals offering waste removal, rubbish removal, garden clearances and house clearances who don’t have a waste carriers licence and are just advertising on notice boards in supermarkets, in the local free newspaper and on Facebook.

What these unlicensed fly tippers do is simply buy a vehicle, usually a white van or flatbed truck and go around offering cut price waste removal services.

The internet and social media sites such as Facebook has a lot to answer for because they allow these fly tippers a free way to advertise their services but the customer isn’t blameless either and if people stopped using a man with a van to dispose of their unwanted waste then fly tipping would decrease. Claiming ignorance just doesn’t cut it in my opinion I mean what sort of service did you expect to get when someone of Facebook offered to charge you £20 to come and collect and then dispose of all of your rubbish?

Both local councils and the government as a whole are currently considering a number of ways to deal with the fly tipping problem. Cases of fly-tipping in the UK have increased by over 28% in the last 2 years, and it costs taxpayers almost  £90 million each year to clear up the mess left by fly tippers.

One way to deal with the problem is to not only prosecute the person doing the fly tipping but to prosecute the person who hired them if it can be proved that he or she knew or even suspected that their waste would be fly tipped and using an individual with a van who you found on Facebook shows that you either knew that your waste was being disposed of in an illegal way or simple didn’t care.

There are number of legitimate websites around where you can find fully licensed, professional waste removal companies and skip hire companies, a popular website being clearmywaste.co.uk where all companies are fully vetted and waste carrier licenses confirmed.

Looking for local company, rather than a national one? Then simply go to clearmywaste.co.uk and find or search for your town or postcode and hire a skip today!

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