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Why Property Management companies and landlords are turning to eSignatures

Property Management companies have been around for many years managing rented property on behalf of private landlords and  figures seem to suggest that there are currently approximately two million private landlords in the UK some of which use a property management company and some who go it alone.

During a recent online survey it was noted that one of the main delays that landlords can face, whether they use a property management company or not is getting back signed  tenancy agreements on time or at all.

Clients either don’t send them back right away forcing the landlord or Property Management Company to continually telephone or email the client or the signed agreement gets lost in the post costing time and money for both parties.

What landlords and Property Management companies have been doing in recent years is sending rental agreements etc via email and requesting an electronic signature similar to what you have to do when signing for registered mail or parcels at your door. however until the PDA’s used by couriers and the mail service the web technology allowing electronic signing was a bit hit and miss leaving documents still unsigned and both tenants and landlord frustrated.

Many of the old eSignture websites sites required documents to be converted to a portable document file (PDF) before the system could use it make it hard work for the likes of landlords where names, addresses and features need to be amended, and the actual end user signing process was often too complex with the signee required to sign then drag their signature to the document before submitted.

The good news it that the technology is a lot better nowadays and there are now finally some usable electronic signature websites around, the most popular due to it’s shear simplicity and its ease of use is eSignlite where documents can be uploaded and tweaked without needing to convert to PDF’s first and the end user simply signs and submits without dragging signatures around.

Thanks to eSignlite landlords and property management companies can now send tenancy agreements via a simple link and have the tenant sign electronically and send the document right back within minutes with no delay no chance of the document going missing in the post.

This makes eSignlite the perfect solution for property management companies and landlords.

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  1. This post is spot on… I tried a couple on esignature sites around 6 months ago… both were awful and difficult to use.. i’m web savvy and found it a hassle, my clients had no chance… The demo on this new site looks like its what i need so i’m gonna sign up for a trial… thanks

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